ADD Crusher

If you’re always feeling behind…always overwhelmed…not living to your potential, then ADD Crusher™ is for YOU. Get instant access to game-changing videos and tools that teach proven alternative ADD treatments & strategies for crushing your worst ADHD symptoms. Powerful video … Continue reading


ADHD SOS is a digital parenting skills program designed to enable parents to help their children, who are struggling with ADHD, develop skills and strategies to tackle everyday instances at home, school or in social situations. The approach is strengths based as well … Continue reading


Brili relieves families dealing with ADHD by helping them succeed in their daily routines. Available on iOS, Android, Web and now for Pebble smart watches, Brili lets parents plan everyday activities that come to life as a fun race against … Continue reading


Mindfulness can help ADHD. But, how do you actually get yourself to do it? MindfullyADD is mindfulness practice for ADHD featuring simple, brief and approachable exercises based on proven research. MindfullyADD is geared toward ADHD-specific issues, like activating, focusing, and … Continue reading