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Develop a Time Sense: ADHD Myths & Mysteries About Time

If you’re perpetually ashamed at not being able to meet your “get things done” goals, you may hold unconscious assumptions about time that are more based in magical thinking than reality.

And when your time sense is highly inaccurate, even the best time management techniques are likely to fail. For your plans to work out, you need to be able to realistically estimate how long things will take you to do.

This webinar will help you identify if you’re harboring some common ADHD “myths” about time, and will show you how to develop an accurate time sense in just a few weeks.

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Improving Focus and Productivity: How to improve focus and effectiveness when you need it most

Veteran Productivity & ADHD Coach Lynne sharing practical strategies to help you improve focus and productivity when you need it most. She’ll give you 6 steps you can use to help you make the most of your time, energy and focus every day.

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How to Get to Email “Inbox Zero” – and How to Stay There

Our email is the cause of more time-wasting, energy-burning, spirit-defeating and squirrel-chasing than just about any other single thing in our lives.

And while “Inbox Zero” is not literally about the actual number of emails in your inbox, it is about the amount of your attention, time and energy that’s burned by your email inbox.

ADHD/productivity/business coach Alan P. Brown will be sharing ways to tame your emails so you can feel less overwhelmed, with 6 Email Management Mistakes You’re Making Every Day, and of course, several ways to get to literal Inbox Zero…and how to stay there.

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Moms with ADHD: Managing Guilty Thoughts and Feelings

Are you a mom with ADHD? Then you have a lot on your plate- managing your own ADHD while managing your child with ADHD or other special challenges.

But before we can be effective either way, moms need to work on themselves early on, by recognizing the loss of their “idealized child” and working through sadness, grief, anger, and other feelings that are often left unsaid, for many reasons. This can lead to feelings of guilt, depression, and more.

I will talk about why we go through these stages and what you can do integrate these feelings so that you can move forward in healthier ways.

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Productivity WITHOUT Misery: 5 Strategies for Pain-free Productivity

At 33 years old, I was broke, divorced, and earning minimum wage — and then I was diagnosed with Inattentive ADHD.

In the seven years since, I have grown a successful Fortune 500 career, consulting to companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Deloitte, UnitedHealthcare, Motorola, and Marriott.

Most recently, while working as a senior manager at an $8 billion company, I built Hidden ADHD, publishing over 25 articles, filming over 50 YouTube videos, reading over 75 books, and growing my following to over 100,000 people. With that productivity, my side hustle became my day job and I left the corporate world.

My secret was discovering ADHD-specific productivity strategies that allowed me to get more done without putting in more effort.


*** The 5 Strategies for Pain-free Productivity We’ll Cover (S.M.A.S.H.) ***

#1: Select high-leverage actions. Not all actions are created equal. By doing an 80/20 analysis of our actions, we can find and execute the vital few that lead to the biggest results.

#2: Mute distractions. Research shows that task-switching reduces productivity by up to 40%. For us ADHDers, it’s probably worse. Also Cal Newport’s concept of Attention Residue and the true cost on our effectiveness.

#3: Add accountability. If you’re like me, you cringe at the thought of being held accountable. But that’s because accountability was often put on us by others. When we choose to have accountability on a personally-meaningful goal, it’s a totally different experience.

#4: Schedule it first. Another name for this concept is “Pay Yourself First”. Here, I talk about the benefits of putting your 80/20 action on your top goal at the front of your day’s plan.

#5: Honor your biological rhythm. We all have a biologically driven rhythm called our Chronobiology. Here we look at the details from Daniel Pink’s book When and how this understanding can make “hard” work feel easy.

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Toxic Productivity


There’s a problem with personal productivity. Too many systems are designed to make you look busy rather than actually get work done. And it’s even worse for people with ADHD. These systems were designed for neurotypical brains. They simply don’t work. Learn strategies designed with the ADHD brain in mind and learn how to motivate your interest-based mind, rather than simply “trying harder” at strategies not designed with you in mind

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Parents with ADHD Need Accommodations, too!

Are you struggling to parent well in the ADHD gap? Parenting with ADHD is a fast and chaotic ride on the struggle bus, and we often feel like the inexperienced driver. With support and strategies meant for ADHD brains, we as ADHD parents can lead our families well and run our home life efficiently. In order to discover the right combination of accommodations that will help you, we’ll build our own IEP or 504 plan for adulthood using my 3 pillars of ADHD success as a foundation: 1) Learn about your unique ADHD brain, 2) Put your oxygen mask on first, and 3) Ask for help. Let’s build up our families together.

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You’ve got this! How to overcome procrastination, improve motivation and get stuff done

Are you frustrated with how hard it is to start things, stick with them and finish up? You are not alone. Many adults with ADHD struggle with knowing where to begin a task, how to break it down, what to do about distractions and how to set realistic goals. In this session, Dr. Sharon Saline, Dr. Sharon Saline, veteran psychologist and author of “What your ADHD child wishes you knew: Working together to empower kids for success in school and life” and “the ADHD solution card deck” provides insight and tools on how to improve your motivation and increase your productivity.

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Finding Your Voice as a Black Woman with ADHD

Professional black women are used to facing obstacles and working harder for success. Add in ADHD and it feels like you’re putting in a ton of extra effort but still not getting ahead.

You need an empowering path to get beyond the misogyny, racism, dysfunction, and self-doubt that often leads to you suffering in silence.

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Embrace Dysfunctional – What to do when you can’t seem to do anything

One of the most challenging things about having ADHD is the frequent struggle to get things done. This can be complicated by the times when you are feeling particularly dysfunctional. Rather than ignore this reality, accept how you are feeling and find ways to work with it, or around it. You’ll be happier, and possibly become more productive. Here are some strategies to help.

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The Thriving Guide to ADHD Entrepreneurship- The Squirrelpreneur Formula


Learn how to thrive in business alongside your ADHD brain using my three step Squirrelpreneur formula for carving out your business for easy profit, less burn out, and tailor it to your ADHD brain. We’ll touch on how to use your ADHD skills, your passionate Why, and how to nail your sales and marketing and not run from it.

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Solving the Motivational Murders


If you have ADHD, there are several reasons why it is difficult for you to accomplish things, and none of them have to do with laziness or not trying hard enough. Instead, most researchers agree that the ADHD brain is wired toward having low motivation for everyday tasks. In this session, you will examine the reasons behind your lack of motivation and think of new ways to shift into action.

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Hiding in Plain Sight: Why It is Critical that Children with Inattentive ADHD Are Diagnosed by Second Grade, or Even Earlier


Searching for clues from teacher, parent and child
The DSM-5 symptoms for Inattentive type
Other behavioral symptoms
Importance of early diagnosis and treatment
Medicine is the most effective treatment–others are helpful but secondary
Is ADHD a gift

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Understanding People When You Have ADHD


Did another exchange go wrong – yet again? Do your jokes fall flat? Do others misinterpret your intentions? Do you find yourself explaining your way out of things? Caroline Maguire will share the social reasoning behind these common ADHD situations and what you can do to circumvent them. She will explain how missing social cues and social rules affects others and how to tune in and incorporate these new skills into daily life.

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Using Pumpkin Spice to Manage ADHD

Brendan Mahan, M.Ed., M.S., host of the ADHD Essentials Podcast teaches you how to use metaphorical pumpkin spice to better manage ADHD and get things done!

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Managing ADHD with Wisdom from Your Body

Our bodies hold invaluable information about who we are and what works for us. Come explore how you can tap into the wisdom available within you to reduce overwhelm at work and home.


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