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Closing the GAP EWorkbook

From Special Guest Laurie Dupar

Use the Closing the GAP downloadable E-Workbook to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. First, using a multidimensional perspective, you'll clarify your goals, strengths, barriers, and motivations. Using that increased awareness, learning, and understanding, you will decide on the next best step to get from where you are to where you want to be. Use this workbook to move forward over and over for all those changes and differences you want to make.

Prioritize with Impact Guide

From Special Guest Lynne Edris

This simple, yet powerful, process will revolutionize the way you approach your daily tasks and help you reclaim control over your days! You will easily identify the tasks that have a high impact on your goals, while working with your unique ADHD brain and the natural energy and focus fluctuations we experience. Learn to get done what matters, and work with your natural flow instead of against it.

Quick-Start Guide to Planning e-book

From Special Guest Bonnie Mincu

Get the e-book "Quick-Start Guide to Planning" for a simple 5-step process and tools to jump into any project without hesitation. It eradicates the confusion of where to start and ensures no mid-project setbacks. The guide offers visual aids and a realistic timeline for project stages. Plus, enjoy a free first month in Bonnie Mincu's Productivity Pathfinder membership.

Alan’s Formula for Focus

From Special Guest Alan P. Brown

Experience Alan's Formula for Focus – your pathway to heightened concentration, whether you use medication or not! Explore five potent strategies that empower you to conquer even your most demanding days with ease, all thanks to this simple yet effective formula.

3 ADHD Time Management Mistakes You Probably Make All The Time

From Special Guest Dana Rayburn

Unlock the game-changing eBook 3 ADHD Time Management Mistakes You're Likely Making by Dana Rayburn. Escape the constant catch-up, work overwhelm, and unfinished tasks. It's time to ditch ineffective habits and master time management. Take charge of your productivity and thrive with expert insights from this essential resource

Brain Dump Calendaring System Workbook

From Special Guest Heidi Fishbein

Transform your life with the Brain Dump Calendaring System Workbook! Say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to organization. Heidi's five-step guidance helps you untangle your thoughts, boost self-awareness, reduce stress, and create a personalized system for success. Get the support you need to live your best life now.

Profound Meditation Program

From  iWake

Discover profound transformation through iAwake®. Immerse in deep, life-altering meditation with our groundbreaking bio-energetic audio entrainment system. Elevate your spiritual journey, conquer stress, ignite creativity, and foster compassion. Try iAwake® Explore - 6 free tracks offering a glimpse into a more serene, inspired you.

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