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2014 Sessions +

Alan Brown – Motivation and Success
Ariane Benefit – Goal Setting
Bonnie Mincu – Mental Paralysis
Dana Rayburn – Clear and Clutter Free
David Giwerc – Creating a Positive Message
Deb Burdick – Sleep
Dr. Ari Tuckman – Sex and Intimacy
Dr. David Nowell – Self-Compassion
Dr. Mark Bertin – Routines
Dr. Roberto Olivardia – Negative Thinking
Dr. Stephanie Sarkis – Money Management
Elaine Taylor-Klaus – School Success
Eric Tivers – Productivity Apps
Holly Oberacker & Tracey Bromley Goodwin
Jay Carter – Technology
Jeff Siegel – Life Long Struggles
Jennifer Koretsky – Success Mindset
Jodi Sleeper-Triplett – Time Management
Jonathan Carroll – Creating Conflict
Laura Rolands – Procrastination
Laurie Dupar – Aging
Lynne Edris – Follow Through
Margit Crane – Communication Strategies
Melissa Orlov – Relationships
Nancie Kohlenberger – Marriage and Relationships
Regina Carey – Success and Empowerment
Ronda Stone – Aging
Terry Matlen – Stress Management

2015 Sessions +

Alan Brown – Sleep
Bonnie Mincu – Self-Awareness
Casey Dixon – Mindfulness and ADHD
Cindy Goldrich – Homework and ADHD
Dana Rayburn – File Systems
David Giwerc – Best things about Adults with ADHD
Diane Dempster and Elaine Taylor-Klaus: Keeping Cool and Calm
Dr. Ari Tuckman – ADHD and Lies
Dr. David Nowell – Growth Mindset
Dr. Roberto Olivardia – ADHD and Anxiety
Dr. Stephanie Sarkis: Non-Medication Treatments
Eric Tivers – Productivity and Vulnerability
Jay Carter – ADHD and the Workplace
Jonathon Carroll – Filters and ADHD
Laurie Dupar – Life Balance
Lynne Edris – Procrastination
Margit Crane: Cooperation and ADHD Children
Mark Bertin, MD – Managing Stress and Chaos
Melissa Orlov – Trust and ADHD
Rick Green – Productivity and Creativity
Sari Solden – Women with ADHD
Tara McGillicuddy – Battling Negativity
Terry Matlen – Clutter
Thank You!
Tracey Bromley Goodwin & Holly Oberacker – Chores

2016 Sessions +

Dr. Edward Hallowell – Special Keynote
Dr. Stephanie Sarkis – Exercise as a Treatment for ADHD
Deb Burdick – Skills for Concentration & Task Completion
Dr. Russell Ramsay – Better Understanding ADHD Thinking
Jodi Sleeper-Triplett – Connecting with Your ADHD Teen
Rick Green – If ADHD is ‘Situational’ Then Change the Situation
Linda Roggli – It’s Exhausting Pretending to be Normal!
Rudy Rodriguez – Putting Your Ideas Into Action
Casey Dixon – Four Steps to Mindfulness
Lynne Edris – Overwhelm, Avoidance, and Procrastination
Michael Delman – Executive Function Skills: Tools for Success
Laurie Dupar – ADHD and Self-Esteem
Dr. Ari Tuckman – Time Management: Feel the Future
Laura Rolands – Breaking the Interruption Cycle
Dr. Kirsten Milliken -Improving ADHD Relationships
Dr. Alan Graham – Raise a Confident, Resilient Child
Kerri Richardson – Creative Approaches to Understand and Manage Clutter
Alan Brown – Motivate and Sustain Your ADHD Brain
Dana Rayburn – Secrets to Outsmarting ADHD
Elaine Taylor-Klaus & Diane Dempster – Parenting with ADHD
Jay Carter – Getting the Right Things Done
Margit Crane Luria – Motivating Your ADHD Child or Teen
Cameron Gott: Breaking Free from Urgency
Bonnie Mincu – Decision Making
Dr. Roberto Olivardia: ADHD and Dyslexia
Regina Carey – Presence is Power
Dr. David Nowell – ADHD and Anxiety
Tracey Bromley Goodwin & Holly Oberacker: Bringing Art into ADHD Treatment
Jonathan Carroll: Success in Social Settings
Melissa Orlov – Better Communication for Couples
Eric Tivers: Getting More Done
Terry Matlen – Women with ADHD
Dr. Mark Bertin – Behavior Management

2017 Sessions +

Tara McGillicuddy -Community and Support
Dr. David Nowell – Mindfulness and Attention
Casey Dixon – Micro-Change
Rick Green – Ways to Get Motivated
Regina Carey – Make a Splash
Nikki Kinzer – Roadblocks to Organizing
Jessica McCabe – Getting things Done
Alan Brown – The Power of Theming
Dana Rayburn – Realistic Routines
Laurie Dupar – Critical Piece of Planning
James Ochoa – Emotional Storms
Dr. Stephanie Sarkis – Anxiety and Depression
Terry Matlen – Understanding Shame
Liz Lewis – Keeping a Sense of Humor
Jeff Emmerson – Self-Compassion
Linda Roggli – Managing Conflict
Melissa Orlov – Radical Acceptance
Bonnie Mincu – Overwhelm vs Helplessness
Deb Burdick – Taming Your Inner Critic
Sheri Hall-Miller – Aiming to Fail
Lynne Edris – On-Time and In Control
Cameron Gott – Developing Habits
Dr. Kari Miller – Productivity
Rudy Rodriguez – Importance of Structure
Kerri Richardson – Overcoming Procrastination
Dr. Ari Tuckman – College Readiness
Jodi Sleeper-Triplett – Anxiety on Campus
Dr. Alan Graham – Screen Time
Karen Ryan – Nutrition
Laura Rolands – Essential Oils
ImpactADHD – ADHD & Non-ADHD Together
Dr. Roberto Olivardia – Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors
Dr. Edward Hallowell – Special Closing Message

2018 Sessions +

Special Keynote with Dr. Edward Hallowell
3 Reasons You Aren't Getting Things Done & What to Do with Laurie Dupar
Get Unstuck by Balancing 3 Key Brain Systems with Dr. Kari Miller
3 Tips on Taming Sensory Overload with Terry Matlen
My Top 3 Beliefs for Success with ADHD with Rick Green
The Top 3 Ways to Conquer Limiting Beliefs with Nikki Kinzer & Pete Wright
3 Essential Keys to Consistent Productivity with Lynne Edris
My Top 3 Hacks to Beat Procrastination with Alan P. Brown
3 Ways to Coach Your ADHD Brain with Nancy Ratey
3 Key Areas to Focus on for a Happy & Productive Life with Eric Tivers
The Top 3 Sources of Clutter and What To Do About Them with Dana Rayburn
My 3 Favorite Ways to Thrive with ADHD with Debra Burdick
3 Ways to Communicate Besides Talking with Brendan Mahan
3 Steps to Write Anything Quickly and Easily with Bonnie Mincu
3 Ways to Make Those Difficult Phone Calls with Sue West
3 Ways to Curb ADHD Carbohydrate Cravings with Linda Roggli
3 Ways to be a Better Mom with ADHD with Liz Lewis
Cam’s All Time Top 3 for Succeeding with ADHD with Cameron Gott
3 Tips to To Get Your Child’s School To Be Responsive with Yafa Crane Luria
The 3 Foundations of ADHD Care with Mark Bertin, MD
3 Steps to Communication Success for Women with ADHD with Sari Solden
3 Things You Need to know about ADHD and your Relationship with Melissa and George Orlov
The Top 3 Tips for Finding an ADHD Coach with Dr. Alan Graham
The 3 Best Strategies to Overcome Interruptions with Laura Rolands
3 Tips for Better Sleep with ADHD with Dr. Roberto Olivardia
Top 3 Ways to Escape the Chase Dynamic in Relationships with Dr. Ari Tuckman
3 Powerful Ways to Release the Emotional Distress Syndrome with James Ochoa
Top 3 Non-Medication Treatments for ADHD with Dr. Stephanie Sarkis

2019 Sessions +

Opening Keynote - Dr. Edward Hallowell
Motivate & Sustain Your Brain - Alan Brown
ADHD and Self-Esteem - Laurie Dupar
Understanding Shame - Terry Matlen
Overwhelm, Avoidance, & Procrastination - Lynne Edris
Outsmarting ADHD - Dana Rayburn
Roadblocks to Organizing - Nikki Kinzer
Anger to Empowerment - Dr. Sharon Saline
Creating a Positive Message - David Giwerc
Communication Tips - Sari Solden
Getting Things Done - Jessica McCabe
Making Phone Calls - Sue West
Radical Acceptance - Melissa Orlov
Overwhelm vs Helplessness - Bonnie Mincu
Ways to Get Motivated - Rick Green
Managing Stress - Dr. Mark Bertin
Managing Clutter - Kerri Richardson
Emotional Storms - James Ochoa
Coaching Your ADHD Brain - Nancy Ratey
Understand ADHD Thinking - Dr. J. Russell Ramsay
Breaking Free from Urgency - Cameron Gott
Connecting with Your Teen - Jodi Sleeper-Triplett
Success in Social Settings - Jonathan Carroll
Keeping a Sense of Humor - Liz Lewis
Mindfulness and Attention - Dr. David Nowell
Getting More Done - Eric Tivers
Four Steps to Mindfulness - Casey Dixon
Taming Your Inner Critic - Deb Burdick
ADHD and Dyslexia - Dr. Roberto Olivardia
Executive Functions - Michael Delman
Art & ADHD Treatment - Navigating ADHD
Communication Tips - Brendan Mahan
Confident & Resilient Children - Dr. Alan Graham
Break the Interruption Cycle - Laura Rolands
Getting the Right Things Done - Jay Carter
It’s Exhausting Pretending to be Normal! - Linda Roggli
Self-Compassion - Jeff Emmerson
Motivating Your Child or Teen - Yafa Crane Luria
Presence is Power - Regina Carey
Homework and ADHD - Cindy Goldrich
Nutrition and ADHD - Karen Ryan
Time Management: Feel the Future - Dr. Ari Tuckman
Parenting with ADHD - Impact ADHD
Anxiety and Depression - Dr. Stephanie Sarkis
Game Changing Productivity Rules - Dr. Kari Miller
Aiming to Fail - Sheri Hall-Miller
Putting Your Ideas Into Action - Rudy Rodriguez

2020 Sessions +

Welcome Message and the Power of Gratitude with Tara McGillicuddy

ADHD & Executive Function for Students (and others) with Seth Perler

Breakthrough Strategies for Getting Unstuck and Moving Forward with Lynne Edris

Using Values to Help with Decision Making and Prioritization with Brendan Mahan

Accepting and Embracing Your ADHD Child with Debbie Reber

Better Manage Your ADHD 20 Minutes a Day with Dana Rayburn

Entrepreneurship: A No-Brainer for ADHD Creatives with Roxanne Jarrett

4 Power Rituals for More Focus and Less Overwhelm with Alan P. Brown

The Formula for Going to Sleep with Alex Hey

Mi hijo tiene TDAH, ¿y ahora qué with Dr. Isamari Cruz

ADHD and Anxiety’s Grip with Dr. Sharon Saline

When a Pandemic, ADHD, and Parenting Collide Elaine Taylor-Klaus & Diane Dempster

Managing your Rejection Sensitivity in Social Relationships with Caroline Maguire

The Components of a Successful "Work from Home" Day with Keith Griffin

Conquer Your ADHD Thinking Traps with Maddy Cote 

What You Need to Know about Motivation, Procrastination, and Ambiguity with Jeff Copper

You and Your Partner Are So Much More Different Than You Think! with Melissa Orlov

Black Women and ADHD “Tackling Our Unique Obstacles with Inger Shaye Colzie

Late No More: 11 Reasons for ADHD Lateness and their Solutions with Bonnie Mincu

ADHD Success Story: How One Family's Diagnosis Had a Nationwide Impact with Neil Peterson

How to unlock the potential of Bright kids with ADHD with Debbie Steinberg-Kuntz

When is a Headache not a Headache? When it is ADHD? with Sarah Cheyette, MD

Organization Isn't What You Thought It Waswith Susan Lasky

Riding Your Dopamine Wave To Get More Done with Robin Nordmeyer

3 Ways Working Mothers with ADHD Can Reduce Overwhelm with Elizabeth Brink

Executive Function Strategies for Working and Schooling from Home with Sarah Kesty

2021 Sessions +

Welcome Message with Tara McGillicuddy
Develop a Time Sense: ADHD Myths and Mysteries about Time with Bonnie Mincu
Improving Focus and Productivity: How to improve focus and effectiveness when you need it most with Lynne Edris
How to Get to Email “Inbox Zero” – and How to Stay There with Alan P. Brown
Moms with ADHD: Managing Guilty Thoughts and Feelings with Terry Matlen
Productivity WITHOUT Misery: 5 Strategies for Pain-free Productivity with Aron Croft
Parents with ADHD Need Accommodations, too! with Patricia Sung
You’ve got this! How to overcome procrastination, improve motivation and get stuff done with Dr. Sharon Saline
Finding Your Voice as a Black Woman with ADHD with IngerShaye Colzi
Embrace Dysfunctional – What to do when you can’t seem to do anything with Susan Lasky
Toxic Productivity with Jesse Anderson
The Thriving Guide to ADHD Entrepreneurship with Jessi Romero
Solving the Motivational Murders with Dr. Tamara Rosier
Children with Inattentive ADHD with Cynthia Hammer
Understanding People When You Have ADHD with Caroline Maguire
Using Pumpkin Spice to Manage ADHD with Brendan Mahan
Managing ADHD with Wisdom from Your Body with Elizabeth Brink

2022 Sessions +

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Dana Rayburn - Dividing to Conquer Procrastination

Alan P. Brown - How Self-Compassion Can Help You Crush Your ADHD

Lynne Edris - ADHD Entrepreneur Pitfalls: 5 Things that Can Make or Break Your Business

Tara McGillicuddy - How to Conquer Your Chaos by Creating Clarity

Dr. Saara Haapanen - The Importance of Movement and Mindfulness with ADHD

Aron Croft How to Complete Your Top Tasks in Just 2 Hours a Day

Bonnie Mincu - Interpersonal Communications & ADHD

Alex Hey Ending the ADHD-to-Prison Pipeline: Increasing Connection/Decreasing Criminal Behavior

IngerShaye Colzie Recharge and Claim Your Power. How to Beat Burn out as a Black Woman with ADHD

Susan Lasky - How Does An Entrepreneur With (or Even Without) ADHD Stay Motivated?

Kit Caelsto - Making Meditation Work For You

Nichole Myles - Building your Resilience Toolkit

Sasha Morozov - Creating a Life at Home You Love

DeNicea Hilton Harper - Creating the Perfect Day Based on Your Elemental Style

Simon Arnold - Success Strategies to help adults with ADHD be More Resilient

Tanya J Miller - The ME (Motivated Effort) Project

Gloria Starr - Using the MAGIC process to streamline your business & personal goals

Heather Slutzky - Refining Celebrations After an Adult ADHD Diagnosis

Tara O'Brien - Raising Kids With ADHD When You Have ADHD, too!

Jennifer Navarre - Yes, You Can Be an Author With ADHD

Taina Pereenniemi- How Notion allows Building Personalized Business Systems for Entrepreneurs with ADHD

Maria Bazilevskaya - How Self-Compassion Can Help You Move Forward with ADHD